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Angels sing

I just wanted to let you know that I made it home.
The journey wasn’t an easy one, but it didn’t take too long.

Everything is so pretty here, so white, so fresh and new
I wish that you could close your eyes and that you could see it too.

Please try not to be sad for me.
Try to understand God is taking care of me…
I’m in the shelter of His hands.

Here there is no sadness, no sorrow, and no pain.
Here there is no crying and I’ll never hurt again.

Here it is so peaceful when all the angels sing.
I really have to go for now… I’ve just got to try my wings.

Author: Unknown

A Little Dog Angel

High up in the courts of Heaven today
A little dog-angel waits,
With the other dogs he will not play,
But he sits alone at the Gates:
“For I know my master will come,” says he
“And when he comes, he will call for me.”

He sees the spirits that pass him by
As they hasten towards the throne,
And he watches them with a wistful eye
As he sits at the gate alone;
“But I know if I just wait patiently
“That someday my Master will come,” says he.

And his Master far down on the earth below,
As he sits in his easy chair
Forgets sometimes, and he whistles low
For the dog that is not there;
And the little dog-angel cocks his ears
And dreams that his Master’s call he hears.

And I know when at length his Master waits
Outside in the dark and cold
For the hand of Death to open the gates
That lead to the Courts of Gold,
The little dog-angel’s eager bark
Will comfort his soul while he’s still in the dark.

Norah M. Holland, c.1870

Final message to my dear wife

My Dear, for all these many years
Together we have been.
Always my loyal, faithful wife,
You’ve also been my friend.

Through all the highs and lows of life
Both joy and tears we shared.
Strong obstacles overcome because
Each knew the other cared.

We’ve travelled to many a foreign field,
To so many sites we have been.
But always held together close
By the peace we share within.

I sense that mystical square peace
Which passes all understanding.
And the Mark of God for eternity
On my soul an angel’s branding.

At the midnight hour, my bell will toll.
The clock now chimes eleven.
So let me hold you one more time,
‘Til I hold you again in Heaven.