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Final message to my dear wife

My Dear, for all these many years
Together we have been.
Always my loyal, faithful wife,
You’ve also been my friend.

Through all the highs and lows of life
Both joy and tears we shared.
Strong obstacles overcome because
Each knew the other cared.

We’ve travelled to many a foreign field,
To so many sites we have been.
But always held together close
By the peace we share within.

I sense that mystical square peace
Which passes all understanding.
And the Mark of God for eternity
On my soul an angel’s branding.

At the midnight hour, my bell will toll.
The clock now chimes eleven.
So let me hold you one more time,
‘Til I hold you again in Heaven.

Farewell my love

Sometimes in my heart
or when I hear your name
I think of the day I lost you
there still is so much pain.

You were my only love
and also my best friend.
With you I choose to be with
my life I wanted to spend.

I really have to thank you
for giving me your love.
For guiding and advising me
and placing me above.

God choose you to be His angel
now, you watch me from above.
He had better plans for you
but still I feel your love.

You were a great teacher
I’ll remember you forever.
Somewhere in another place,
we will be back together.