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The Things I Love About You

The smile on your face
Even when times are gray
Your smile stays with me
As I start my day

The warmth in your heart
I feel it all the time
And knowing that the love in it
Truly is all mine

The loving words you speak
Make my problems disappear
You make me feel so good
I always want you near

Actually, there are many things
That I love about you
But most of all I love You!

Happy Birthday My Love!

I love you dearly

We’ve had our arguments
Over the years
And some of them
Brought me to tears

But more important
Are the good times we’ve shared
The things you’ve done
To show me you care

Yes, we have arguments now and then
But our love endures through them all
And most of them I can’t even recall

But all the good times we shared
Are buried deep within in my heart
Loving memories dear to me
Memories from which I’ll never part

I love you dearly
This you already know
Our love is true
And daily it continues to grow

Happy Birthday!

Romantic Birthday Message

You are someone
Who is loving and true
Bringing much joy by
The things that you do

The smiles you give
Always make my day
In your sweet smile
Your love is portrayed

You are someone special
Whose sweet love is shown
By your special smile
That is yours and yours alone

Don’t ever stop the smiles
I enjoy them so much
As much as your kisses
And your loving touch

Happy Birthday My Love!

I need you in my life

You’re a thoughtful person
With a loving heart
Your kindness for others
Is only a part

You have an ear
That hears my cries
You know me so well
You can read my eyes

I don’t know what I’d do
If we ever lost touch
Because you are someone
I need so much

Thank you for your tender love

Thank you for your tender love
You’ll never really know
How happy that you’ve made me
And how much I love you so

Happy Birthday, my Sweet