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RSVP Wording ideas


The following are some suggested wording ideas when asking your guests to RSVP to a party or an event.  RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase: réspondez s’il vous plaît (respond if you please). Many people use "please RSVP," but that’s actually a redundancy saying please respond if you please. It’s better to just say "RSVP by…"

  • The favor of a reply is requested
  • We look forward to celebrating with you.
  • Please reply by…
  • R.s.v.p. to name / phone number…
  • The courtesy of a reply is requested
  • Kindly respond by…
  • Kindly reply to…
  • We hope you can come!
  • R.s.v.p…
  • Kindly RSVP by DATE
  • We hope our special day can be yours as well.
  • RSVP by…
  • As you are a part of our lives,please be a part of our celebration
  • Just call Mom to RSVP so she will know how many there’ll be
  • Please reply at your earliest convenience

You’re invited!

A wedding is coming!
Details inside.
Come celebrate
With the groom and the bride.

There’ll be music and food,
Joy and fun—come and see,
And please let us know
With your RSVP.

By Joanna Fuchs